Thanks to

Thank you, Kelly: Chris Garber, Opus-94


Kelly Garber – Without Kelly and Design by M2, Opus-94 would never have happened. New adventures! Smart. Dedicated. Driven. — my sister. Love. (Even though she surpassed my Fran PR long ago.)



Thank you, Lori: Chris Garber, Opus-94


Lori Roberts – The patience of a saint! 2.0, A Perfect White Shirt, Meat, Paris, and almost imbackbitch, CGsbackbitches, CGredux as URL’s! I will miss our weekly phone conversations! Not to forget sidekicks Lulu and Carmen. Thank you for this creative reinvention.



Thank you, Anne: Chris Garber, Opus-94


Anne Garber – Through projects over the years, THE one to perfect just how to say it, add polish and then some. World traveled, talented, and beautiful inside and out. Proud.



Thank you, Studio AFL: Chris Garber, Opus-94


Franco Lanzi and Andrea Leithe | Studio AFL – Crazy, crazy Franco—a kid at heart after all of these years. A friendship that has spanned continents and decades. You have your hands full Andrea. Thank you for getting me through my one day return in front of the camera!



Thank you, Noel: Chris Garber, Opus-94


Noël Sutherland – What a gentle, immensely creative man. After decades of working with and knowing Noël, his talent only grows brighter with each passing day. Next up, photographing these tattoos of mine!



Thank you, Urban Rhino: Chris Garber, Opus-94


Urban Rhino – Huge thanks for cramming a lifetime into 10 seconds!!



Thank you, Takami: Chris Garber, Opus-94


Takami – Arigatou gozaimashita  友情




Michael Zippo Parzick – Ah, Zippo and wife Stanzi. Such a great collaboration.  Stadium beer, double IPAs, all things Stone, and at the forefront of Craft Beer. What an amazing education—Beer Daddy Zippo knew all! “StoneDaddy(n): Purveyor of beer enlightenment” Na Zdrowie!



Thank you, KBJ: Chris Garber, Opus-94


Katherine Borst Jones – The Educator of the decade goes to… Cancer survivor, warrior, KBJ as her many, many students over the years refer to her and our music is pencil noted, needs days to have 36 hours in them. Opus 94 under her tutelage was pretty epic!! Lifelong friendship and love.



Thank you, Sean Waxman: Chris Garber, Opus-94


Sean Waxman – I am witness to Sean guiding youth to excel in a brutal, under-appreciated and unforgiving sport. Driven, passionate, and kind.  “I have not shut up since I…”, oh the next six words were classic Sean Waxman. Glad to call him friend.



Jane Stewart


Jane Stewart – Jane gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. We had the freedom to make it as great as we wanted it to be — and we did just that. Thank you Jane. What a team.