Continents. Decades. Industries.


Path seeker, path breaker, taker of the road less traveled.

Creator of brand stories that capture the imagination, with a sixth sense for the new, the sublime, the remarkable.

Adaptor of craft and quality to social media and viral marketing.

Incubator of visionary ideas. Aggregator of strategies gleaned over decades, across continents and industries.



Power past the obvious, trendy and merely popular. Balance cultural sensitivity with a well-honed instinct for opportunity.

Assemble the framework of the unique solution – the team, the analysis, the strategy, the implementation.

Parlay personal magnetism that commands the room into a tool that dominates the brand space.

Win by turning the unlikely, improbable or impractical into solid success.




A cultural chameleon with the vocabulary of global literacy. A deep and empathetic respecter of other peoples and perspectives.

A knack for turning youthful ideas into lucrative revenue streams.

Sensitivities honed by a lifetime of experience. Forged by a lifetime of achievement.




An infallible nose for ROI turns possibility into profit across multiple platforms and industries. Driven, tested, gut-focused on the bottom line.

A proven track record: building and scaling brands, finding the undiscovered, guiding established brands to market domination.

Orchestrating outcomes by tapping into a network of global resources. Drawing on experience and intuition.


A fearless champion of the next big thing.


  • Bright and intense, energetic and friendly, focused and loyal, handsome, creative and musical, hard-working and upfront. These words begin to describe the man I have known for over thirty-five years. Imagine the surprise when he flew cross country to attend a milestone recital! A friend for life.

    Katherine Borst JonesProfessor of flute and chamber music at The Ohio State University. Current Chair of Development and Past President of the National Flute Association

  • Perseverance with achieving perfect movement illustrates a type of resolve rarely seen. Resolve. Persistence. Strength of character…Chris Garber.

    Sean WaxmanHead Coach and Owner of Waxman’s Gym / Director on the Board of USA Weightlifting

  • Chris Garber has an eye for the future. He reached out to me to build an ahead of the curve innovative and aggressive craft beer program no one else was talking about. Fast forward to today, not only were the decisions bold, but profitable. Proving itself out in spades. Na Zdrowie!

    Michael “Zippo” ParzickStone Brewing Company / Stone Berlin

  • I’ve come to value two important traits. First, his eye for excellence—his ability to recognize potential in its native stage—and then, his ability to make it happen.  It’s one thing to find the next superstar but it’s something else to make that happen—that has been the touchstone of his success. And Loyalty, which is a rare quality in the world today—Chris has always exhibited this trait to the highest order. These traits combined with his relentless pursuit for perfection has propelled him to the forefront of the modeling industry. Chris has an innate sense and passion for beauty, fashion, music…anything that sparks the aesthetic imagination.

    Jane StewartStewart Talent / Former President Elite Model Management Chicago