APWS Chris GarberWell. A Perfect White Shirt. It is finally laundry day. Starch? Hanger, or folded and boxed? Spots? Loose buttons? Launder or Dry Clean? And, “One-hour Martinizing!” — a reference to growing up in Ohio, in the 60’s. I recall this slogan, whether emblazoned on a store front, or in advertising.

What a personal journey watching opus-94 come to life in the last year. So proud! A Perfect White Shirt, was a reference by Creative Lead Lori Roberts of Design by M2, in the very beginning of the project, as we lamented over URLs. One thing that Lori learned pretty quickly upfront, I tend to absorb everything, and an unexpected reference in one direction, I famously turn a 360 in another! A spark is all it takes and to the races I go! As soon as I saw aperfectwhiteshirt written as a possible URL, I exclaimed, “That’s it! THAT’S the Blog name! I LOVE it.”

A perfect white shirt… Marlon Brando accepting the Oscar in 1955 for On the Waterfront. A favorite, even though the collar is slightly worn and frayed. A reminder of travels, looking down at a faint stain of red wine on a cuff from a night out in Florence, Italy. Prada. Crisp. White. Perfect. Cindy Crawford, photographed by Herb Ritts in one, or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Iconic. Timeless. A Perfect White Shirt.

I hope you have had a chance to cruise around opus-94.com and discover hidden gems, or the Easter Egg Hunt as we would refer… The story of my life path. But, key in the process was to create a portal for the fantastical, fun filled, spicy, diverse tapestry of my continued journey. (Anne, I was able to finally use the word TAPESTRY!) A Blog which will certainly not cover just cookie recipes—although, hmmm, I have a wonderful recipe for Risotto! Let’s cook! One day it might be swim sets that I enjoyed (hated), Monday Meditation topics, how to choose a Double IPA, a glimpse in to training at Waxman’s Gym, e30 morsels, motorcycle crashes, Seabold Cellars wine dinners, brand building, and perhaps an impromptu mini recital, followed up by commentary by KBJ… Which leads me to the loads of fun with guest’s posting! James Meléndez, aka James the Wine Guy, discussing wine rating systems (I’ll share mine = Wondrous, or CA CA.), or dubbed “The Terrible Twins” by Charlie Agapiou— N. Craig Bryant schooling us on proper Rolls Royce tyres (yes, tyres), with John Shostrom weighing in from Hong Kong, or my amazing sister, CrossFit Masters, I am sure 2017 Games bound, Kelly Garber giving us all some sort of work out challenge, or project management tips, just to name a few. It is going to be a lot of fun! Life.

Top of the list, the story behind opus-94, and my personal rebranding, dropping 2017. Follow along — I am just getting warmed up!

Let’s fold some shirts together. Adventure! 2.0