On Monday, an old colleague of mine, Loraine Pavich, shaved her head. Loraine loved her hair. Loraine loves life.

I met Loraine in the mid 90’s, we were both working for Elite Model Management in the New Face divisions. Loraine in New York and I, in Chicago. We traveled. We were younger. I have not seen Loraine in several years, but have followed her journey through the publishing world from afar, and enjoyed her delectable recipes and meanderings about the food scene in New York. And, watched her fall in love later in life and get married to this true gentlemen, Bico Stupakoff, and Loraine Stupakoff she became! Joyful. (An understatement.)

I decided to shave my head today, on Monday…

Loraine was diagnosed on June 18, with a Stage 3 Pancoast Tumor on the top of her right lung—a very rare cancer. Stage 3. Upon receiving this news through the network of our extended Elite family, I was dumbfounded. I was in shock. I cried. Why would I elect to shave my head? I firmly believe that each and every time I am going to have to explain why I have shaved my head, I will tell a part of Loraine’s story, her radiance, her kindness, her struggles and her triumphs—the energy and love will be felt across the continent. I am most sure. Kindness. Compassion. Happiness. Love. Loraine is describing her journey, the ups, the downs, the in-betweens, through her blog which can be found in her Instagram account bio:  my_cancer_journey, or www.lorainestupakoff.com.

My hair will grow back.  And, so will Loraine’s.

In fact, now that you have read this, look up and smile. It’ll make you feel awfully good, and it will make a difference. Look up, and smile.

UPDATE: Such an inspiration. Loraine received incredible news that she qualified for surgery…Read her account on her Fuck Cancer Blogpost. Health matters. Warrior. Fighter. Resolve. Loraine Stupakoff.